Texas Secession is Vital for self-preservation and the Survival of the Nation


Obamacare, gun control, EPA Regulations, and the Obama Socialist agenda are crushing this country. If Texas can’t redress its legal sovereignty, and in the process redress the legal sovereignty of the other 49 states, this country including Texas has no chance of survival. Because of what the federal government has perpetrated on the sovereign states of these united states we MUST secede in order to PEACEFULLY RESTORE the sovereignty of Texas and thereby PEACEFULLY RESTORING the sovereignty of the other 49 states along with it.


History tells us that socialism usually ends up with a lot of people dead (mostly poor people). We the people stand with our founding fathers and the rule of law against it, and WE will fight it the only way we know how, and that’s with PEACEFUL education and organization.


Politicians on both sides have taken over this country and ran it into the ground; it is time that the people restore its founding principles. And unfortunately it seems that the only way for us to do that is for Texas to secede and assert its original sovereignty and thereby PEACEFULLY RESTORING the sovereignty of all 50 states.
Texas will also assert that the federal government is violating Texas’s sovereignty; and as Texas’s rightful sovereign rulers, the Texas people order that the federal government cease and desist from all such claim of sovereignty over Texas, and return to its duty as delegated authority.

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  1. ann says:

    sometimes you have to do what is right even though you may not agree with it. I love the old USA, but TEXAS is first, and because of the idiots that are socialists and just want whatever they can get for sitting on their butts and letting others work for them. If you CHOOSE not to work, then you should get nothing. See if your fellows in ENTITLEMENT will feed and clothe you. I think not, because they have nothing but what fits in their outstreched hand. Shame on them. There are too many derserving persons that should be getting assistance, and it should not be generation after generation of people that get assistance. GET A JOB and HAVE some PRIDE or move to another country that has freebies. Right, nowhere to go because you have no worth. Who do you love? Yourself and you do not even care for those that feed and clothe you. Maybe the drugdealers will take care of you? nope

  2. NRT says:

    Your Probably right john, it was meant to attract attention

  3. NRT says:

    Well said ann

  4. SSgt Chip Webber says:

    As a Staff Sergeant of Marines, I agree with all of you. The truth is that the Obama Administration is actively engaging Congress to insist on Socialist Policies, Socialist Agendas and Socialist promoting national problems designed to convince the poor, desperate and uninformed masses to accept it The word entitlement is a misnomer because what it is is exactly the opposite of what they get. THEY ARE ENTITLED TO ONE THING. It is that which “THEY (the entitled.”) are willing to trade for free money,; THAT IS the CONSTITUTION of the United States of America. As a soldier I fight “To Protect and Defend the Constitution against ALL Enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC. If they want Socialism THEY can have it, I will fight and fight and fight to make sure the people of Texas will never lose our RIGHTS! I serve with Pride, Honor, and Determination that Texas will never be Socialistic, have to suffer the pain of the so called Patriot Act, or surrender ONE SINGLE RIGHT to a Socialist ENEMY of the people, namely, Barack Hussein Obama. Born in Kenya, raised in Hawaii, and spending our way into bankruptcy, killing the American Dream. HELP US FIGHT THEM.

  5. Susan says:

    I agree Chip. We need to do more to fight the forces within that are destroying the US. We need our leaders to read up on just what the founding fathers said and not this legalese that is passing for leadership these days. I don’t care if my president is sensitive for cries for the children in Newtown. I want a man leading us who knows right from wrong both here and abroad. Who understands that weapons are just tools. And would do more to reduce the shameful number of civilians being killed in drone attacks, and stop trying to parlay our own tragedy into a platform to strip our God given right to protect our own lives. We need people like you to insure that Texas can defend herself should the government try to use the full force of her army to restrain her from reclaiming her sovereignty.

  6. Mark buckley says:

    If we srecto save you beloved Texas. We must secede.

  7. Mark buckley says:

    If we are to save you beloved Texas. We must secede.

  8. Mark says:

    man I hate autocorrect

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